Results - Good Things from the Past 6 Years

Here are some of the accomplishments by our Council and the City

  • Golf Course – New management by a professional private company. Course conditions and operations improved.
  • Local Water Project - Now providing recycled wastewater for irrigation. Saves potable water from the Carmel River. Reduces water costs for the golf course and cemetary.
  • Swimming Pool - Completed and open summers, at Lovers Point.
  • Upgraded the Central Ave entry into PG. It looks better, flows well, and is safer for pedestrians
  • Full police staffing – first time in many years!
  • Library renovations - Phase 1 completed. Now starting Phase 2 for major renovation.
  • Upgrades to Museum, after many dormant years. Lobby upgraded; collection better curated and protected; new exhibits.
  • Coastal Recreation Trail - Rocky Point and Great Tide Pool upgrades; increased connectivity of the trail; interpretive signage.
  • Sewer System Maintenance - Updated the 10-year plan and properly funded it with a Prop 218 process.
  • Road maintenance resumed. Completed first road refurbishment in over 10 years.
  • Outdoor Seating Downtown - More life on the street at eating establishments
  • American Tin Cannery site - Citizens passed Ballot Measure X to allow a hotel. The City is now reviewing a developer proposal.
  • Monarch Pub - We took the big step to allow a pub. It's hopping. It turns out, as predicted, that people like to have a place to get together.
  • Downtown façade improvement program cleans up storefronts. The downtown looks fresher.
  • PG receives 3 Beacon Spotlight Awards for Environmental stewardship.
  • Downtown Major Renovation efforts - After 30 years of no action: Holman Building architectural improvements and condo conversion underway and is nearly complete; the City issued a permit for a 116 room hotel on the Holman site; the City issued a permit for a mixed use building on the old gas station/Goodies site.
  • Submitted a full Local Coastal Plan application to the Coastal Commission. This effort had been dormant since 1989. It is still in process before the Commission.

Progress from Activities of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority (Mayor's Authority)

Details to follow, and includes:

  • Modification of the Cease and Desist Order to allow more time for the Peninsula to develop alternative water sources.
  • Inclusion of Pure Water Monterey (PWM) as an integral part of the future water supply portfolio.
  • Issuance by the California Public Utilities Commission of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for a desal facility as part of the water supply portfolio.

Results during my participation on the board of the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG)

Details to follow, and includes:

  • Completion of the 5-year Metropolitan Transportation Plan for Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties
  • Completion of the 5-year Sustainable Communities Strategy for the 3 counties, covering projections for population, jobs, and housing for the next 25 years.
  • Recognition of AMBAG as the top agency in the state for environmental stewardship programs and action results.