Bill Kampe

Bill Kampe

Mayor, City of Pacific Grove


Thank You!

I want to express my great appreciation to all voters in our city during the campaign period.  I again had the chance to walk door to door and meet so many of our citizens. Thank you for you warm and cordial greetings, and for being willing to share your thoughts on some of the issues in our city.  I found the experience to be important to staying in touch.

Thanks also for your votes that return me as your mayor for a 3rd term.

Our City Today

The past two years have been very good ones for Pacific Grove. Our city has earned recognition as a top West Coast community. We see progress on the Holman Building and now have new options for the American Tin Cannery site with passage of Measure X. The current financial position is strong. We have achieved all of this with a civil and constructive dialog in our council chambers.

Challenges Ahead

We seek a vibrant community, both in the activities for our residents and in the economic activities that support our quality of life.  It is time to attend to infrastructure and services to sustain our city into the future.  I’m committed to the progress our city needs and deserves.

A Closing Thought

I believe the desire for a positive spirit is strong in PG.  I believe that we can find ways to work together.  I believe we can create the future we desire for ourselves and for our city. Yes we can!

Bill Kampe